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Emergency Dentistry
Seattle, WA

Outside of Queen Anne Family Dental in Seattle, WAA dental emergency can be due to trauma, or simply the onset of pain from decay, fracture, or disease. In every scenario, our staff at Queen Anne Family Dental would want to provide you with guidance or have you been seen. Sometimes, emergencies can occur outside of office hours. The information discussed below can help for those cases.

We categorize a dental emergency as anything outside of the norm. This includes:
•  Impact Injury: The jarring from an impact to the teeth can have some obvious problems and some less obvious ones. We will want to evaluate your teeth for breakage, cracks, and loosening of teeth.
•  Decay and Disease: When a shallow cavity extends into the dentin layer or even into the pulp, it can be painful. The amount of pain can range from tolerable to intolerable, but both levels indicate the possible presence of decay-causing bacteria.
•  Fracture or Breakage: The enamel on our teeth is very strong, but it is still subject to breakage. Fractures, cracks, and chips can leave our teeth vulnerable to disease by providing space for bacteria to make way inside the tooth. We will want to evaluate and restore it to protect the tooth structure.
•  Knocked Out: A tooth that has been avulsed, or knocked out, has the possibility of being reset. Either way, we will want to check the status of the tooth and bone for restoration.

Tips To Help in a Dental Emergency

We have created relationships with other dental professionals to help our patients receive dental services any time of the day or week in cases of emergencies. Contacting our support line can help you get the assistance you need.

Before you can be seen in a dental emergency, there are some tips that can help.
•  Pain: If you are experiencing pain, we would like to see you to find the cause. Before you can be seen, you can help with tooth pain by first brushing and flossing the area very thoroughly. Taking an over the counter pain relief medication as directed can also provide some relief. If you think infection is present, gargling warm salt water can help.
•  Fractured Tooth: A broken, cracked, or fractured tooth will require restoration. Before you can be seen, you can cover the broken area and find relief through the application of a store bought dental putty. You would first clean the area through brushing and flossing and then gently mold the dental putty to fit the space and allow it to dry. This can also be useful for lost fillings.
•  Knocked Out Tooth: A tooth that has been entirely avulsed, or knocked out, can be restored, but time is of the essence. You will want to be seen as quickly as possible. If possible, immediately place the knocked out tooth right back in the socket. If the tooth is dirty, you can lightly rinse it, but do not scrub any of the material from the tooth. What may appear to be plaque or germy to you may actually be important ligaments. If the tooth can not be placed back in the socket, we recommend keeping it wet either under your tongue, or in a cup of milk, preferably not water.

Schedule Your Emergency Appointment Now!

If you are in the midst of a dental emergency, we can help! Call (206) 424-4450 to schedule your emergency appointment now!

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