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Corinne Reschenthaler, DMD

Corinne Reschenthaler, DMDI was born in Chicago and raised in a home of health care providers. My father is an exceptional dentist and still practices in Chicago and my mother is a retired nurse practitioner. I graduated from The University of Michigan with a B.A. in Spanish and received my DMD at The University of Pittsburgh. After dental school, Grant's naval career moved our family around the country for a few years and provided me the opportunity to gain valuable experience treating patients in the inner city of Chicago, rural Virginia and finally here in the beautiful state of Washington.

I have found that no matter where I am, patients in the dental chair are seeking guidance, honest communication and in many cases, some much needed comfort. I strive to provide patient-focused care that is rooted in science and guided by compassion. It is important to me that my patients feel heard, respected and understood. If you have a negative dental history to share, I am here to listen. If you have special requests or need extra time to take breaks during your treatment, I want to know your needs so my care can exceed your expectations. I take my responsibility as a health care provider seriously and I see it as my duty to make sure my patients have a positive and fulfilling experience at our office.

I love to hike, ski, cycle and camp. I play the piano. I love reading historical fiction, fantasy and a good mystery or thriller. I love musical theater.

The Reschenthaler Family

Grant and Corinne met at The University of Pittsburgh during dental school. Grant swears that they sat together during orientation but Corinne does not remember this. Their first date was at Grant's favorite amusement park in Pittsburgh, Kennywood. Two years later, just a few days after graduating from dental school, they got engaged at the very same amusement park.

The Reschenthaler family grew with the addition of their goldendoodle children, Dexter and Lucy. Dexter and Lucy have become Queen Anne Family Dental mascots as they laze the day away in the back office, feel free to come give them a pet or a snuggle if you are a lover of dog kisses!

The Reschenthaler's human children, Evan and Millie, have made their family complete. They are two years apart in age and keep Grant and Corinne busy, sticky and full of a tremendous love.

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