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Periodontal Maintenance
Seattle, WA

Diagram of teeth and gum cleaning at Queen Anne Family Dental in Seattle, WA 98109-2319Chronic periodontal disease affects about half of the population over 30 years old. It is a condition that can exhibit redness or swelling of the gums, gum recession, infection, and loose or lost teeth. It can damage the jawbone if it becomes very advanced, and also become a risk factor for lung and heart disease. Queen Anne Family Dental offers treatment to reverse and improve this condition, and our team is ready to help you on your way to improved dental health.

Causes of Periodontitis

Factors that can bring on periodontal disease include poor oral hygiene, poor nutrition, smoking and use of other tobacco products, as well as hormonal changes such as experienced in pregnancy, and aging. A sticky layer of bacteria called plaque forms on the tooth surface. This can turn into tartar, or calculus, if left unattended. Tartar will form a barrier that makes the removal of plaque more difficult.

The first stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis. Gingivitis is not destructive, but if left untreated can lead to periodontitis. Gingivitis is treatable and reversible.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a treatment that includes teeth scaling, root planing, and sometimes host modulation. A deep cleaning treatment can reduce the pocket gap, which is the space that can develop between your teeth and gums. Healthy gums fit snugly around the teeth. Gingivitis causes pockets to form, where bacteria can collect and grow.

Teeth scaling involves scraping the surfaces of the teeth with a special dental tool. Our team will remove the plaque from the surfaces of your teeth, as well as in any larger pockets that have formed between your teeth and gums.

Root planing is the next stage in deep cleaning. The rough surfaces of your teeth’s roots are smoothed with another special instrument. Once treated with this technique, your gums are more able to reattach to the surface of the root, reducing the depth of the pockets and reestablishing their snug fit.

You may also receive a treatment called host modulation. In this treatment, a medication is applied directly to the gum tissue, which helps correct the damaging effects of long-term periodontitis. The bacteria which cause periodontitis need a “host” in order to survive, and this host is a group of enzymes. These enzymes cause most of the damage to the surrounding tissue. This treatment reduces these enzymes and also lessens the likelihood of infection following your deep cleaning procedure.

Maintenance Schedule

After successful deep cleaning, you may be placed on a periodontal maintenance schedule. This involves regularly scheduled cleaning at more frequent intervals, such as every three months. By having more frequent professional dental cleanings, your periodontal health will improve, reversing the damaging effects of gingivitis and returning your gums to their normal healthy condition.

It is important to resume a practice of proper brushing at least twice a day, and regular flossing. This is the first and most important part of your dental health maintenance. Our team at Queen Anne Family Dental is here to help you get back to your best oral health, and we are your trusted partner in periodontal maintenance. Call us at (206) 424-4450 to schedule your deep cleaning and dental exam.

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