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Same Day Dentures
Seattle, WA

A woman smiling after receiving same day dentures at Queen Anne Family Dental in Seattle, WAThere is a big difference between losing one tooth at a time and losing a lot of teeth at one time. You want a solution to your missing teeth, and you want that solution as soon as possible. Perhaps you didn’t lose your teeth all at one time. You may have been losing them gradually, but now you have lost so many, you can’t ignore it anymore.

Whether you have been losing your teeth gradually, or you have suddenly lost your teeth, you need help. We can help you - same day. Have you heard about same day dentures? Give Queen Anne Family Dental a minute to tell you how we can make you smile again - same day.

Why Do I Need Same Day Dentures?

We know that same day dentures are a crazy idea. In this case, what you see is what you get. Same day dentures are made for you while you wait. We use same day dentures for several reasons. First, if you had an accident or an injury, and you lost your teeth, you are going to want them replaced right away. This is especially true if you had a traumatic injury you weren’t prepared for. With same day dentures, we can create a new set of teeth for you before anyone has to know you had an accident.

Maybe you lost your teeth gradually over time, due to gum disease or tooth decay. Both tooth decay and gum disease are caused by bacteria that eat their way through your tooth. The holes the bacteria make in your teeth get bigger and bigger, causing infections in your tooth. Eventually, the tooth will become so infected it will fall out. Gum disease infects your gums and can lead to the loss of gum tissue, which makes it easier to lose teeth.

How Does the Process for Same Day Dentures Work?

First, you will come to our office. We will have a look at pictures and digital x-rays and use those to help us craft your new teeth. While you are sitting in our chair, we will begin making your teeth. No more creating and mold and waiting for days or weeks for the dentures to be ready. No more leaving and returning for a fitting at our office later, and multiple appointments. Instead, we create a set of dentures for you right then and there. We fit them to your mouth, and you walk out. That’s the beauty of same day dentures. If there are adjustments to be made, we can do them in office, without sending your dentures out. How great is that?

If you had a traumatic injury to your mouth, you need to know that you may have some swelling when you get your dentures fitted. This means that once your mouth or gum swelling goes down, you may need to have your dentures adjusted - but we can take care of that on-site. If you are wondering whether you will ever be able to eat and speak normally again - we know you will. Do you need new teeth fast? Give Queen Anne Family Dental a call at (206) 424-4450. Let us help you regain that amazing smile you lost.

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Whether you have been losing your teeth gradually, or you have suddenly lost your teeth, you need help. Queen Anne Family Dental can help you - same day. Call us now!
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