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Same Day Crown
Seattle, WA

Dr. Grant reviewing CEREC same day crown technology at Queen Anne Family Dental.There’s a lot to love about this whole notion of on-demand. A lot of things you used to have to run around for are easily delivered to you. No more shopping at grocery stores. You can pick up your groceries or have them delivered to you - without standing in a checkout line. You can order many different types of food from any restaurant you want. If you have a favorite restaurant, you can have food delivered to your door whenever you want it - on demand.

The rise of internet retail means you can also have anything from earrings to cars delivered to your door without you going into a brick and mortar shopping center. At Queen Anne Family Dental, we want to give our patients the same kind of on-demand service.

We know that dentistry often involves a lot of waiting. Patients wait to get a cavity filled. They wait for braces and wait through treatment. People wait for dentures, implants, and crowns. But times are changing. We are able to offer many more services to our patients while they wait. We can now do crowns on demand. They are called Single Visit Crowns crowns.

Why Dental Crowns Are Used

Dental crowns are used in dentistry to protect damaged teeth. Adults can damage their teeth in all sorts of different ways. Often, adults damage their teeth accidentally. They may bite down on something. If a tooth is already weak, it doesn’t take much to break it. We have had patients break a tooth on nuts, ice, barbecue ribs, and candy. Adults also clench or grind their teeth during the night - which is called bruxism. Over time, bruxism can damage your teeth.

Adults can also have weaker teeth because of tooth decay. When a cavity gets big enough, your tooth can become weak, and your tooth may break or crack under pressure. Sometimes we used dental crowns to protect your tooth after a root canal procedure like inlays and onlays.

Single Visit Crowns

Single Visit Crowns are made of porcelain over metal that caps your teeth to protect them. Single Visit Crowns are made on-demand, while you wait. Single Visit Crowns are not made of gold and silver, so they are strong. With the Single Visit Crowns, you don’t have to have a temporary crown placed. Instead, you come in with a problem.

We figure out you need a crown. We use a CAD machine, which uses x-rays and photos of your teeth to make a 3D model of your tooth. We use that to make a permanent crown while you wait - rather than waiting for days or even weeks for a replacement.

Schedule an Appointment

Single Visit Crowns are the next big thing for dentistry. We are in love with the idea of giving our patients fixes for problems on demand. If you are ready to get that bothersome tooth fixed, give Queen Anne Family Dental a call at (206) 424-4450. We would love to talk to you about how we can make your teeth stronger. Give us a call today and let us make you an appointment.

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At Queen Anne Family Dental, we give our patients the option to get CEREC same day crowns. Click here to learn more.
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