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Aligners vs. Braces
Seattle, WA

A girl with clear aligners smiling at Queen Anne Family Dental in Seattle, WAWhen people think of the orthodontist, braces are what usually come to mind. To give you more flexibility over your treatment, Queen Anne Family Dental also offers aligners. Both choices have their pros and cons, so here is what you should keep in mind when considering aligners vs. braces.

Understanding Braces

Braces have long been the standard of orthodontic treatment and are still the mainstay today thanks to their combination of strength and affordability. Most braces are made of metal wires and brackets bonded to your teeth. You can pick from a wide variety of colors, or opt for clear ceramic braces for a more discreet look. There are even lingual braces, which attach behind your teeth.

Understanding Aligners

Aligners do the same job as braces, but rather than bulky brackets and wires, they look kind of like transparent dentures. The most popular brand of aligners is Invisalign, and a growing number of our patients are choosing them instead of braces. They are made of a see-through plastic created based on an impression of your teeth. Aligners can be taken out whenever you want, though to guarantee a successful treatment you should leave them in for at least 22 hours a day, preferably longer. Over the course of your treatment, you will receive a number of sets of aligners that will slowly reposition your teeth.

How Braces Can Help You

Braces have been used for so long by so many people for one very good reason — they are extremely effective at what they do. Aligners have a lot of benefits, but nothing can match braces in terms of their ability to fix severe orthodontic problems. Unlike aligners, braces are great for vertical movement and smiles with bridgework. Compared to aligners, braces are also very affordable. Braces are also recommended for younger patients, as they cannot be removed and therefore are easier to care for.

How Aligners Can Help You

Braces are powerful, but more and more people are preferring to go with aligners instead because of how low-profile and adaptable they are. One of the biggest advantages, and a favorite of most of our patients, is that with aligners you can keep your smile the entire time. No more closed-lip smiles for pictures because you are embarrassed by your awkward braces. Even better, because the aligners are removable, they make it easier to continue living your life without interruption. You can eat foods that would be impossible or risky to eat while wearing braces. Flossing is a breeze, and in general oral hygiene is much easier to maintain. This makes aligners great for responsible and disciplined older patients, especially professionals, who are looking to fix their teeth with only a minimum of impact to their daily lives.

Take Your Pick!

Still trying to make up your mind? Not sure if braces or aligners are best for you? If you need help deciding, you can call (206) 424-4450 to consult with one of the orthodontic experts at Queen Anne Family Dental.

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Still trying to make up your mind? Not sure if braces or aligners are best for you? Call Queen Anne Family Dental today to schedule an appointment! We are here to help!
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