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Dental Implants
Seattle, WA

Dr. Corinne reviewing implant image with patient at Queen Anne Family Dental in Seattle, WAHow many of you have had nightmares about losing a tooth? We have. Many people dream about losing their teeth, or their teeth can fall out. However, waking up with your teeth in your hand is not something that normally happens. Losing teeth happens over a period of time. While losing your teeth in your dreams usually happens when you are by yourself, millions of people lose their teeth in the US each year. Over 120 million Americans have at least one tooth missing. Thirty-six million Americans have no natural teeth at all.

Losing your teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious and anxious. You may be reluctant to smile or laugh. You may not want to eat or drink in public, because of the chance someone will see your missing teeth. Did you know that we have a way to replace your teeth? We do. They are called dental implants. Queen Anne Family Dental can use implants to replace missing teeth. Implants look and feel like real teeth.

What Are Implants?

Dental implants are replacement teeth made of metal and porcelain. While dentures, which you can take in and out, and bridges, which are cemented in, sit on top of your gums, implants are different. Dental implants screw into your jawbone, which mimics what your actual teeth do because they are also anchored in your jawbone. Because the implants screw into your jawbone, they are more secure. They also function just like real teeth, which makes your jaw believe your original tooth never left. This is a game-changer for the health of your mouth.

Other types of replacement tooth pieces don’t connect the teeth to the jawbone. Over time, you may begin to lose bone material from your jawbone. Because your body senses there is no tooth in the bone, it may begin to remove bone to use it somewhere else. This may eventually lead to a weaker jawbone and change the shape of your lower jaw as well as your face. Implants allow the jaw to feel the presence of a natural tooth, which means your jaw still functions normally with no loss of bone.

Why We Use Dental Implants

Implants represent the newest innovation in our efforts to restore your teeth and jaw. We can use implants to replace one tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth - all at once. Implants brings new opportunities for people who have lost a tooth. They allow you to speak, eat, sing, and smile without feeling strange or self-conscious.

Because the implants are permanent, you have a choice of when and how to replace your teeth. You can replace one tooth at a time and try to work to save your other teeth. You can also replace several teeth at one time with implants. If you have had dentures for a while and want a change, we can implant an entire set of teeth.

How Long Is the Recovery Process for Dental Implants?

The recovery time for dental implants is rather quick, and most patients report a complete resolution of their problems within a week. However, it is based on different outcomes. The length of time needed to recuperate varies with the degree of difficulty of the procedure. The gums may swell and hurt after getting dental implants. You may have trouble chewing for a few days. You may have an infection where your dental implants are put.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Whether you need a single tooth replaced or multiple tooth implants, this can be a long-term solution. However, their longevity depends on several factors. Queen Anne Family Dental ensures the dental implants you receive are created with the highest quality materials to prolong their life. Moreover, and thoroughly examine your mouth and create the right fit to eliminate the chances of any issues.

If you are tired of trying to hide your missing teeth, then you are ready for a change. Give Queen Anne Family Dental a call at (206) 424-4450.

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